Aegean Maritime Services (AMS) was founded in 2009 in Santorini and operates in shipping, shipbuilding technology, port and coastal facilities and industry.

Due to the geographical specificity of the island region, where it is located, AMS approaches each client individually (Individual Customer Approach) in Greece and abroad, creating multiple levels of new innovative systems and technologies, and offering integrated services.

The most innovative system, even globally, developed by AMS, is "OPTIRAS" which was installed and operated in Santorini by December 2012.

The objective of AMS is the immediate and complete satisfaction of the professional requirements of its customers in all areas of cooperation, with particular reference to the protection of the environment through the continuous improvement of quality of services.

For us in AMS, environment is the foundation of society and living standards, but also the main pillar of Sustainable Development.

AMS draws strength from the support and loyalty of its customers, and implements its vision, contributing to the national effort of the country for innovation, growth and success.